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Dr. Christina Angelos Welcomes You!

Oakland Chiropractor Gives Compassionate Care

Experience Gentle Healing with Christina Angelos, D.C.

Oakland chiropractor, Dr. Christina Angelos welcomes you! From the moment you arrive for care to the moment you leave, the focus is on you!

Our relaxing, warm and friendly environment is all you’ll need to experience the best health care you can.

Thorough Care for All Ages

We offer the gentlest techniques as well as massage, exercise therapy, laser therapy,  nutritional counseling, ultrasound and more to ensure that our care is suitable for everyone. Whether you’re an infant, a senior or anywhere in between, we can help. We provide individualized care to meet your exact needs.

Dr. Angelos’ thorough examination will involve a discussion of how we’re able to help you and what’s going on in your body, so you’ll feel confident through every step of care with us. We also offer several adjunctive therapies to further complement your chiropractic care and speed your healing process.

Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle

You don’t have to live with the pain you’ve been experiencing. We want to help you get back to the life you enjoy! Chiropractic care is an experience in liberating yourself from the problems that have been holding you back.

“I love seeing my patients heal, grow, and reach their goals.” – Dr. Angelos
Call Christina Angelos, D.C. today to discuss if chiropractic’s amazing healing powers can help you live the life you want! (510) 325-1879

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