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Meet Oakland Chiropractor, Dr. Christina Angelos

A Drive to Stay Well

Oakland Chiropractor, Dr. Christina Angelos

Dr. Christina Angelos

Before Dr. Angelos became a doctor, she had a fear of hospitals and doctors’ offices and always had an interest in finding ways to stay out of them. Dr. Angelos has always liked the idea of staying well without medicine. Her holistic approach to health involved things like trying to get regular exercise, eating quality food, and thinking positively.

“This was so important to me and everyone knew it.” Dr. Angelos goes on to explain, “My friends and family would tell me about their ailments and I would try to help them find non-medical ways to help themselves get better.”

Starting With Natural Healing

Dr. Angelos first started receiving chiropractic care from a chiropractic intern at Life Chiropractic College West for neck and upper back pain that began shortly after her daughter was born, over 20 years ago now! Dr. Angelos and her daughter were under regular chiropractic care with numerous interns at Life West, where Dr. Angelos eventually ended up going to school and receiving her Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

“One intern I saw talked with me about my future and made me realize that my tentative plans to become a physical therapist weren’t what I really wanted. I wanted out of the medical model and into chiropractic.” That was when the journey to becoming a chiropractor began for Dr. Angelos.

Volunteering and Staying Active

Dr. Angelos playing Soccer.“Change has to start in your own backyard.”

When Dr. Angelos isn’t in the office, she enjoys playing tennis and soccer, and riding her bike for fun and transportation. She also participates and volunteers in many community organizations and activities, such as:

In addition, Dr. Angelos offers free health classes to non-profits to raise awareness and help make her community a healthier place.

“I love being a part of the evolution of my patients’ and our community’s growth and health journey.”

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